All concessionaires on the grounds must comply with the sanitary regulations as required by the State Food and Drug Division, and the Champaign County Health Department.

The Board of Directors reserves the right to cancel any contract, if in its judgement the business or exhibition carried on by the concessionaire is objectionable. The property of the concessionaire would be removed from the grounds. All pay­ ment previously made under the contract shall then be forfeited.

No space shall be sublet to anyone, unless permission is granted by the Fisher Com­ munity Fair Board.

Any individual or organization operating a food concession on the fairgrounds will be obligated to the Fisher Fair Association in the amount of $150 per day for operation of the food stand.

Amount paid will include all utilities used during the fair.

Payment must be made during the week of the fair.

All food concession stands are required to have their own insurance coverage and must produce a certificate of insurance to the fair office before the beginning of the fair.


Premium money will be paid to exhibitors as soon as the department is judged and books balanced.

All premium checks must be cashed within 60 days following the fair.

Any checks outstanding after September 30, 2024, will not be honored.

Checks will be ready for Exhibit Building Thursday, July 11, 2024, after 6:00 p.m. Please pick up on Thursday after 6pm or Friday.

Premiums will not be paid for any event not held.

All bleacher and grandstand seating is available on a first-come, first-served basis. Unattended reservation of seats is not allowed.

The Fisher Community Fair and Horse Show intends to award all prizes and premi­ums listed within this Schedule of Events and Premiums booklet. Payment of these premiums is based upon continued support from the Illinois Department of Agriculture's Premium Prize Fund. The Fisher Community Fair and Horse Show reserves the right to amend premiums and prizes based upon support from this fund.

Special Rules and Regulations

CONCERT— The Concert on 7/12 will need an admission ticket to enter grand-stands or the Party Pit area!

Exhibitors’ Passes—All exhibitors must pay to enter the fairgrounds. All livestock exhibitors must have a livestock exhibitors’ season ticket which may be purchased ($15 each, limit 2) at the time livestock is entered.

Camper Fees –$40 all week camping on the grounds. Pay in Fair office.  Campers must be self sufficient—no hookups available

Senior Citizens—All senior citizens, 60 years or older, will be admitted free on Senior Citizens’ Day, Saturday, July 13, 2023, between opening and 4:00 p.m. No refunds on season tickets on Senior Citizens’ Day.

If your attendance at the Fisher Community Fair and Horse Show requires special needs, call the fair office at 217.897.1437 to request accommodations. Handicap Accessible parking spaces are available on the fairgrounds. Entrance must be made at the north gate only. No main gate entrance. Only South & North gate entrance is allowed.

North gate only for all motorsports



, except for the Mutt Show on Sat. 7/13

In no case shall the Fisher Community Fair Association or any of its officers be held responsible for any loss, damage, injury, or disability by disease or from theft or from any other cause to such property, or to any person coming upon said Fisher Communi­ty fairgrounds, while said person or property are on the Fisher Community fair­ grounds.

The Fisher Community Fair hereby refuses to assume any responsibility for the safety as bailee or otherwise of any property brought upon said fairgrounds -
said property being brought upon and kept upon said grounds at the owner's risk.

The Fisher Community Fair refuses to assume responsibility for injuries to the person of any exhibitor or their officers and employees or to any patrons or other persons coming upon the grounds of the Fisher Community Fair. No claim for injury to any person or property shall be asserted or suit instituted or maintained against the Fisher Comtnunity Fair, its officers, agents, representatives or employ­ ees from said cause by any person having license or privilege to exhibit on the fairgrounds or occupying any space thereon, and it is part of the consideration for such license or privilege that such claims for damages are specifically waived.

Each concessionaire is expected to deal honestly and fairly with the public, and any attempt at fraud or misrepresentation will be considered sufficient cause for revoking the privilege.

Concessionaires and exhibitors will be required to keep their places neat and clean and must remove all litter and filth from within arid surrounding their al­ lotted space. They must be operated to comply with Illinois laws on gambling and pure food laws.


*It is illegal to carry a firearm, deadly weapon, or dangerous ordinance anywhere on these premises.