Fisher Fair Policies

Alcohol Policy on the Fairgrounds 

Until 2009, Fisher was a "dry town". Since the fairgrounds is part in the town of Fisher and part in Champaign County jurisdiction, it's always been permissible to bring in coolers through the North gate ONLY. We still have this policy for every night of the fair EXCLUDING Friday, July 9th, 2021. On Friday, July 9th, 2021 Fisher Fair will be hosting a Beer Truck on the track during the Concert. NO OUTSIDE ALCOHOL or COOLERS will be allowed ANYWHERE on the fairgrounds property. All other nights of the fair separate from Friday night, any liquor that is brought in to the grounds MUST BE IN A COOLER and on the East side of the track area. Also permissible is in the Uncovered bleachers on the West side of the track. The covered bleachers is off limits. No glass bottles on the fairgrounds of any kind. As always, Champaign County Sheriff's deputies will be on the grounds that will be having jurisdiction. There is a zero tolerance law on underage drinking in the State of Illinois. The deputies have been told to watch for any underage drinking. If you are underage and you make the choice to drink illegally you are putting yourself in a bad situation and could be asked to leave the grounds and be issued a citation.

No Guns on the fairgrounds.

Thank you for helping us have a safe fair for everyone! 


PO Box 764
226 E Sangamon St,
Fisher, IL 61843

Phone: 217-897-1437
(fair week only)
Secretary Jill Hardesty's
cell: 217-841-3487

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