Fisher Fair Dedication

Leon and Marilyn Fairfield

Fisher Fair Dedication

The 2023 Fisher Fair is dedicated to Leon and Marilyn Fairfield. Leon and Marilyn was associated with the Fisher Fair for many years. They would attend all day and often also seen in the evening hours greeting long time friends and having fun with the grandkids, having the time of their lives at the fair. In the most recent years. They both were active on the fairgrounds in the horse area and with Marilyn helping in the office and making the fair run smoothly.

 Marilyn served as 1st Assistant Secretary in 1968 thru the 1974 fair helping the infamous Grace Shields in the office. She was also Assistant Secretary with Mrs. N.N. Kesler in 1979 and 1980. Her valuable help in the office made getting your premium checks as a young kid so worth all of the hard work! She always congratulated livestock exhibitors and thanked them for coming to the fair!

Leon and Marilyn are no longer with us but the memories linger with the beautiful family that is still in the area. Their family is an awesome part of the community that they’d grown to know and love.

Thank you Leon and Marilyn for your years of service to our Fisher community and to the Fisher Fair. Your legacy will live on!

Harris Drennan

Fisher Fair Dedication

Fisher Fair lost a great supporter, volunteer, and friend in 2022. Mr. Fix-it, Dad, Grandpa, Great Grandpa, and Uncle Harris Drennan was a community member who believed in the spirit of our community fair. Born in 1941, Harris had been to and helped as he could at every single fair for 80+ years. In the early years of the fair, it was a community outlet for people to gather and show off their new babies. Harris was shown off at the early fairs.
 Harris in his younger days showed Australian white rabbits and hogs at the fair. Sometimes Harris would have up to 125+ white rabbits on the farm; many of these rabbits were sold for meat before winter arrived. Skipping forward many years, when Greg McCoy, his son-in-law, was demo derby superintendent, Harris was his dependable sidekick when derby work was needed before and during fair week. Harris’ derby work during those years included using his 1951 Farmall M tractor to pull cars off the track during the derby. After many years as part of the pull-off crew they had this task “down to a science” with capable equipment and dependable crew. He also took his Farmall Super H tractor to the “car show” that was part of the Saturday events.
 Another chore he loved to do for the fair was to mow the fairgrounds from Spring to Fall. He would drive his tractor to town after lunch and mow till the grandkids were let out of school for the day. He would be home in time to get them off the school bus. Also, Harris made it his “chore” to eat every meal at the fair during fair week. In his mind this is how he could support the community vendors who made fair food what it is today. His favorite was always the great breakfasts that were served on the fairgrounds.
 Lastly, as the fair week ended Harris was always ready to help with cleanup day. This was usually the Monday after the fair was over and the vendors and amusement company was gone from the premises. This salt of the earth farmer and community supporter cherished every year at the fair. In our small town this was a fair that was started as a fair gathering of tents on community property and grew to what we know it as of today with the help of numerous volunteers and supporters.


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