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2019 Fisher National Bank
Demolition Derby
Saturday, July 13! 6:00 PM

This derby will feature, Weld Trucks, weld Compacts 108”, Mini Vans, NEW SUV/Mini Trucks, and 80s stock class

Come on out and see one of the best Demo Derby's around! Be there! 50/50 drawing - we normally have a big drawing that evening! Come on out and bid on a van to drive in the Van class!

SMALL CAR - Full Weld payouts: $700/$500/$200

80's WIRED STOCK payouts: $1000/$500/$200

MODIFIED WIRED CLASSpayouts: $1200/$500/$200

WIRE TRUCKS CLASS payouts: $800/$500/$200

MINI VANS CLASS payouts: $1000/$500/$200

Fisher Fair Demolition Derby


226 E Sangamon St, Fisher, IL 61843

Phone: 217-897-1437
(fair week only)
Secretary/Treasurer Jill Hardesty's cell: 217-841-3487